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The street was dark, a rough patch to the main road. As he stood there, not looking back, in a stance as if listening and waiting for something to happen… He sensed someone closing the space. “ Yo man where you dey go”; a voice from behind him. He stood still in his position.
Yo man I sey where you dey go!  He sounded angry  – he sounded crazy  – he sounded like he has been meaning to hurt someone for a longtime. It was going to be a long dawn.
“This boi paa, what u dey figure”, why are you standing that stiff… why u piss for your body? Kwashiaaaa; he scorned
He was very close now and Kwame could sense him only two feet away. A heavy hand hits his shoulders – exactly what he was waiting for. He grabbed the guys hand, twisted his wrist and turned…

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About Hotman Sihombing

Indonesian, 47Y married + 3 princess. Living in East Jakarta. various Graduated and various skill experiences, a Business Arranger for the last four teen years, always search the New Things. Do you New? if so please put me in loops I then will be there quite on time. Time for writing any of things even for nothing much better than watching!.
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