Goodbye, Ask SC. Hello, Great Questions!

Much better now

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As of today, Ask SC is being replaced.  Here’s why…

1. Years ago, when Ask SC was created we didn’t have our current forum.  Back then, we were using a clunky, very limited, third-party forum software program.  Today, our Forum, which was built 100% by us, is a sleek, highly integrated, and powerful resource–that we can tailor to do almost anything.  In other words, we can now accomplish Ask SC’s objectives at the Forum.  More on this in a moment.

2. Ask SC has always had a few issues.  For example, people were constantly trying to game it to win VP.  Some answers submitted were often inaccurate or became obsolete soon.  Due to careless voting by the community, sometimes the best answers didn’t find their way to the top.  And plagiarism–especially lately–had become a serious problem.

3. After covering a whopping 850 questions, Ask SC has kind of “run out of…

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