New Landing/Log-In Page

Much nicer now

SFI News

Check it out!  As of today, we have a shiny new Affiliate Center landing page/log-in page!


This new page serves a number of important purposes:

  • We now have one central page for logging in, no matter where you come from or what page you’re attempting to access.
  • Gracefully handles existing affiliates who’ve forgotten their password, former affiliates who wish to rejoin under their original sponsor, and prospects wanting to join SFI now.
  • For prospects who might happen to find SFI via an internet search, the page provides an excellent overview of the SFI opportunity and includes links to TripleClicks and our database featuring nearly 7,000 testimonials.  Note that all prospects who find SFI or TripleClicks via internet search–who do not have a referrer–automatically go into S-Builder Co-op for distribution to S-Builder Co-op participants.
  • For existing affiliates, the page features convenient “quick links” to the latest SFI news and forum posts.
  • The new page is mobile responsive…

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